Which are the different types of land surveying?

Land surveyors are also known as title surveyors who contribute significantly in obtaining information in context to different property and location like banks, corporate complex, hospitals and many more. Since they work on proper planning and systematic arrangement, they assign codes and numbers to different area and corners so that it becomes easy to coordinate with the map.

Contacting a professional surveyor can definitely reduce your work and make it cost effective so that you can focus on your core activity. Moreover, they can serve the purpose of title amendment in an effective way maintaining the accessibility at the helm.

Mortgage surveying

In context to land surveying, mortgage survey is also been conducted in order to obtain detailed information about the property and determine the location of vegetation at its best. This kind of survey is of utmost importance for the investors and property holders who can skilfully evaluate the favourability of property and its nature of return. Majority of the property holding decisions take the support of mortgage survey that depicts the value of property and its growth factor in the near future. Thus this survey involves more of a techno savvy tools and equipmentsin capturing the real time survey and on other side it takes the base of past results for facilitating comparison and growth factor at its best.

ALTA (American Land Title Association) and American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM) survey

These kind of survey are conducted prominently for fulfilling the requirement of real estate property, commercial buildings, revamping and improvising the boundaries of location and more. They help in planning and locating for water division, zonal classifications, land division and more. More to add, it is comparatively expensive and requires approximately two months to accomplish the project. You can take help of professionals in case of any kind of confusion. In fact you can search it online and get the best and gainful insight regarding different types of land surveying and several types of tools involved in measuring the results.

Survey of Boundaries and fences

Boundary surveys are one of the most popular kind of land surveying. They take into account different forms of field survey and record keeping. Moreover, this task involve expert advice in taking the measurement of boundaries and fence in evaluating the perimeter and area at the helm. This kind of survey does not consume more time and is very cost effective by nature. It is prominently used at the construction site where the distance between the adjacent side and round about the property can be known and evaluated.

Apart from that, these surveys can measure:

  • The rise of sea level
  • Monitor the agricultural growth
  • Monitor the functioning of satellite
  • Track the waterways
  • Track the movement of ships
  • Trace favourable direction of weather

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Post Author: Ellie Eric