What to Know About Fine Fissured Ceiling Tiles

One of the most popular types of ceiling tiles is fine fissured tiles. They give you a non-directional visual, standard acoustics, and either concealed or tongue and groove installation. They give you noise control and floor plan versatility, and they are part of the sustain portfolio, so they are an environmentally responsible choice.

The Attributes

A fine fissured ceiling tile has square edges, and it comes in a box of 600 x 600 mm tiles. They are made of mineral fibre, and each box contains 16 tiles. You get 5.56 m2 of coverage in each box. These tiles are most commonly used in supermarkets, retail shops, and offices.

What to Expect When You Order

When you order fine fissured ceiling tiles, you can expect delivery in three to five days in most circumstances. You may be able to find urgent delivery, and they come in different vehicles. You might get them in a 27-tonne lorry, a 7.5-tonne lorry, a dedicated courier, or a van from the supplier.

You can also place bulk orders and get even better prices. A good supplier will offer a price match in a like-for-like quote from another supplier. It is important to understand that there is a difference in quality between top manufacturers of fine fissured ceiling tiles and imported products that don’t offer the same performance, so be sure to work with a supplier who knows the difference.

Specs for Fine Fissured Ceiling Tiles

Fine fissured ceiling tiles offer good sound absorption up to 0.6 Alpha W. The insulate sound up to 34 dB, which is good. They offer light reflectance or 84.5% that spreads light across the ceiling to maximise natural daylight and create a brighter environment. They can handle relative humidity of up to 95%, which is excellent.

Why Choose Fine Fissured Ceiling Tiles?

People choose fine fissured ceiling tiles for many reasons. It is a popular design, and they perform well in different environments. They offer good acoustics, light reflectance, and humidity resistance, and they are reasonably priced. They are very popular as an entry-level product. It is most commonly used in offices, retail shops, and supermarkets. It is important to find a supplier that specialises in ceiling tiles because they can offer the best advice and a range of products. Make sure that you check reviews and work with one that isn’t affiliated with any brand and will work to find the best solution for your needs.



Post Author: Ellie Eric