What Are The Different Types Of Moving Options For Shipping Containers?

Moving those heavy containers can be daunting for any manufacturer. While all trucks are not eligible for transporting such heavy loads, many companies specialize in such services exclusively to help you move your goods without any hassle.

They have a variety of equipment and transporting options at their disposal to help load/unload the containers on the trailers and move them to the specified location safely and securely. While the shipping container transport cost may vary depending on the size of the load, its weight, contents, and necessary precautions, you can opt for customized services to prevent exceeding your budget.

Let’s now discuss the different types of moving equipment they use for transporting large containers.  

The flatbed

Using a flatbed for transporting the containers is cost-effective, as the tray doesn’t tilt, and the container is loaded and unloaded at the two ends of the journey with a forklift. If the costs matter to you, and your budget is low, you can opt for a flatbed to move the container to the desired location.

Side loaders

The side loader (or side lifter) uses hydraulic cranes mounted on the moving vehicle to lift the container from the ground and place it at one meter distance from the trailer to enable proper access. It is self-sufficient and doesn’t generally need any additional equipment to load/unload the container. However, the professionals may sometimes use a reach stacker, or a straddle carrier to load/unload the containers.

Crane trucks

If you need to lift the container over a wall or fence, this is probably the most effective option you have. No matter how complicated the lifting is at either end of the journey, the crane trucks will do it seamlessly.

Tilt trays

A little more expensive than flatbeds, the tilt trays are quite effective for loading, unloading, and moving containers, when they are connected to the transporting vehicle. The tilt tray is attached to the truck and it reverses in and lowers to the ground to lift the container, which winches up the tray and slides off to the back.

You should contact a reliable freight transport service to load/unload and move your containers from one point to another. The professionals can give you better advice on what will be best for your storage container transport and provide services accordingly. Make sure you find a reputable services provider to minimize the hassles of transporting those heavy containers to the desired location on time.

Post Author: Ellie Eric