Top social media trends to watch in 2022

There is only one constant in social media: that it is not constant. The ever-changing users’ behavior and never-ending innovative feature updates from social media platforms keep marketers on their toes. While the events on social media seem never to end, all the business trends provide you with the opportunity to experiment and engage with your audience more effectively.

The burning question is: “What lies ahead in 2022?”.

TikTok will Continue Growing

While the app’s growth may not be as rapid as in 2020, it does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In September 2021, TikTok surpassed one billion monthly users. The company has also been working to improve its ad platform, making it easier for brands and enterprises to establish themselves on the platform.

According to the firm, 47% of users have “purchased anything viewed on TikTok,” and 67% “say that TikTok prompted them to shop even when they weren’t looking.” Given its popularity and expansion, businesses should look at TikTok, mainly if they cater to a younger demographic.

Streamlined Social E-commerce

Social commerce is becoming more simplified as clients want a quick and smooth buying experience. Social media sites will serve as a virtual shopping mall in our hands, to put it another way.

Here are some eye-popping figures that indicate how popular social commerce has become recently:

  • 95% of American businesses have shifted their e-commerce operations to social media
  • Ultimately, social commerce in the US will account for almost $80 billion by 2025, accounting for just over 5% of the country’s retail e-commerce sales
  • 60% of GenZ use Instagram to find new brands or products

As a result, businesses should focus more on enabling consumers to browse products, discover new brands, and buy with a few clicks from Facebook Marketplace and Instagram.

Livestream Shopping is Transforming E-commerce

Livestream buying on social media is a practice that is gaining traction. The ongoing pandemic accelerated its expansion because traditional retail outlets were less accessible. Consumers like Livestream shopping since it combines the personalized ambiance of the individual live-streaming with the convenience of purchasing from home. According to a McKinsey analysis, clothes and fashion accounted for 35.6 percent of live streams.

All big networks have previously implemented or plan to include live stream commerce for viewers. Learn how to incorporate shoppable content into your social media if you haven’t.

Final Thoughts

It’s been fascinating to see how some themes mentioned above have come together to push social media invention beyond just interacting with friends and family. Social media is becoming a perfect platform for brands to serve their clients globally, with over 4.6 billion users.

You can elevate your social media campaign by understanding the above top business trends.

Post Author: Ellie Eric