Tips for a Good First Impression with Your Business Cards: printing los angeles

In a world where everyone is constantly on the go, one of the most crucial tools for building your brand is your business cards. They are a way to make a first impression and leave a lasting impression. When you hand them out to potential customers, they become an opportunity to make a good first impression. But what do you need to know before designing your business card? Here are some tips that will help you create a good first impression with the right business cards.

What Makes a Good First Impression? 

There are three main elements to focus on to make a good first impression with business cards.

  1. Design with printing los angeles your business cards so they are aesthetically pleasing. You want them to be visually interesting, have a professional design, and have the right colors for your industry.
  1. Use the correct paper stock for your business card design.
  1. Consider how you will distribute your business cards. If you will hand out your cards in person, it is best to use gloss paper that is easy to handle and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Alternatively, if you will mail your cards, then matte paper is more appropriate as it won’t get damaged by moisture or dirt like glossy paper would. 

What other tips do you have for creating a good first impression?

Some other tips for making a good first impression with business cards include:

– Be mindful of where you place contact information on the card; it should be clearly visible without having to look closely at the card or read through multiple lines of text

– Make sure that all pertinent information is included on the card, such as the title of your job position and company name

– Consider what type of font you should use; this should match the personality of your company’s brand

The Right Type of Paper


If you want your business card to last and look professional, then it’s important to use the right type of paper. A thicker card stock will ensure that your business cards will hold up and last longer. Choose a thicker card stock if you plan on handing out your cards at tradeshows or conferences.

The Right Fonts

When designing your business card with printing los angeles, you need to take into account the fonts you use. However, if you’re not a designer, it can be hard to know which fonts are best for your business card. If you have a logo that has fonts in it, you should try to use those fonts. These fonts already have a connection with your business and will help you create a cohesive look. If your logo doesn’t have any text on it, Comic Sans is a good font to use as people find it fun and playful without being too serious. It is also an easy font to read so if someone has poor vision or has difficulty reading small text, they won’t have much trouble reading your cards.

Post Author: Ellie Eric