The Importance of Getting Your Conveyor Belt/Production Line Serviced

Owners, or managers of factories and warehouses will be only too familiar with the extent of the problems caused by a production line that isn’t operating properly. Anything that causes production to slow down or even worse, grind to a halt can be really costly in terms of customer relations and limiting in their ability to actually deliver what they sell.

It could all be avoided with regular maintenance

The entire production line requires regular servicing to keep it running smoothly, even then, sometimes, malfunctions still happen. Usually, though, something that slows down or prevents the production line from running could be avoided and, can, most of the time be traced back to a human error of some kind leading to;

Belt slip, pulleys, tracking and alignment

To function properly, conveyor belt fitting in Coventry is done with absolute precision, conveyor belts require fine tension distribution to operate properly. Stuff usually starts to go sideways if there is too much or too little strain on the belt which results in the belt slipping.

The pulleys that help to drive the belt should be lubricated and checked for maximum efficiency, with that said, a slipping belt can still put them under unwanted pressure or stress should the tension distribution be off.

Usually, if there is a problem with the belt slipping, it can lead to tracking problems whereby the belt slips out of alignment. This in itself can be a real problem, especially if you are manufacturing or delivering delicate items, it doesn’t take much for something to fall over the edge so, be safe and maintain your belts.

Post Author: Ellie Eric