The Benefits of Women in Leadership

In the world of business there is still a great disparity between men and women, both in the salaries that are earned and the level of responsibility and prestige that they encounter. This can be seen dramatically in the International Business Report (Grant Thornton) in 2017. In this report it can be seen that 34% of companies have absolutely no women at all in senior leadership roles, and overall there was only a proportion of 25% of women in these types of roles, a slow 1% increase on the previous year. It will take time of course, but with greater opportunity and a push towards professional training courses for leadership roles that are an advantage to everyone, not just men, it can lead to a better future of equality in the world of business.

When you look at the makeup of the population as a whole it makes absolutely no sense that we continue to see inequality in any part of life, especially in business. It is important that future generations of women have access to the professional training that will allow them to develop as leaders, which in turn acts as an inspiration to other women moving into business.

It is difficult for women to succeed in business when directly compared to men. Although a generalisation, there is anecdotal evidence that a large proportion of women when comparted with men are unlikely to continue to push for things and to be positively aggressive in business when they are faced with a blocked avenue. When you combine this with the perception of women who do succeed compared with the press and perception that successful men receive, and you can see why fewer women push these avenues. It is certain that a woman is more likely to be held to higher standards than a man in a comparable position, and this is inherently unfair.

Overall, the world of business could develop at a greater rate and with plenty of compassion, empathy, caring nature and collaboration, all stereotypical attributes of a woman. The cut-throat nature of business is a tough place to be, but does it really have to be that way for things to move forward? Female entrepreneurship and strong female leadership could be the answer to this.

Luckily, there are providers of professional training courses that can provide women with leadership training and other types of professional training skills that will give them the exact same skill sets as men. Providing these chances, and the foundation of knowledge and skill to work from is a good way to promote women in business and to provide them with the best possible chance to compete against men when going up for leadership roles in business. Obviously, every individual has to fulfil their own personal potential and take the chances when provided, but as a society we should already be well beyond a situation where women face a harder challenge just to stay at the same level as a man with the same level of knowledge and expertise.

Post Author: Ellie Eric