The Art Of Making Chocolates: A Look Into The Processes And Equipment!

Ever wondered what does it take to make the different chocolates, confectionery and bakery items that are readily available in the market? Creating such products is an art, and every brand spends considerable money and time in the production process. From something as simple as chocolate tempering, to using a dough extruder, there are varied kinds of techniques and means that are used, and in this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects in detail.

Chocolate tempering

This is basically about heating chocolate to a high temperature and then cooling it down to add flavor, snap and texture to the final product. Traditionally, chocolate tempering is done manually, and most chocolatiers use a digital thermometer to get the job done, but in industrial setups, machines are available for tempering alone. In fact, if you are setting up your own business, you will need a tempering machine before anything else, and you will find equipment that are suited for both large- & small-scale production.

Chocolate enrobing

Enrobing is the process of dipping a filling in a chocolate dip, to create a thin layer of chocolate on the outside. There are all kinds of products in the market that rely on this technique, and a good example of that would be chocolate. It should be noted that enrobing is not as same molding. The latter is often used for creating a thicker layer of chocolate over a filling. Bounty, the popular coconut chocolate, for instance, falls in the molding category. Enrobing machines are now available to get the job done, and some even have what is called a tempering unit, so you can get two jobs done in the same machine.

Chocolate depositing

For this, a machine called the chocolate depositor is used. Chocolate depositors dispense a particular filling at the right temperature, and in preset quantity. Depositing is used for creating products such as chocolate chips and pralines, while the machine can be used for depositing chocolate in almost any mold, or on a cooling belt. A dough extruder, on the other hand, is used for confectionary and bakery products, like producing cookies on a large scale.

Now that you know the basics of chocolate making, you can choose to start your own business, and the initial investment doesn’t have to be huge, because most companies have machines and equipment that are suited for small-scale production. Check online now to find more on these equipment options and machines.

Post Author: Ellie Eric