Some of The Common Drilling Problems that Can Occur During Oil Exploration

In the petroleum industry, drilling is one of the very important activity. It is estimated that about 25 percent expenses are needed just for drilling operation.

Therefore, efficiency of the oil exploration operation will largely depend upon the amount of investment that has been made for this particular operation.

Few well-known companies like Renegade Wireline Services Company can perform very safe drilling operation where engineers and other workers can carry out the operation at lowest cost and in shortest possible time.

There can be a number of issues that can expose people working in the drilling operation to various kinds of dangers and hazardous situation. Drilling operations can also cause a lot of pollution in the environment.

Most of the drilling issues are linked to drilling fluids that are used during the drilling operation. Drilling fluid takes almost 15 to 18 per cent of the budget for the drilling cost.

Let us discuss some of the common problems we face during drilling wells:

  • Pipe sticking

This is one of the most common problems that occur during drilling operation when pipe is not free and is dragged out with any damage to pipe. This creates plenty of nonproductive time.

  • Loss of circulation

When there is undesirable flow of mud in the formation area then there will be loss of circulation, which can either be partial loss or total loss.

  • Hole deviation

In case, there is unintentional departure from the actual path of drilling then it can be defined as hole deviation and there are a number of reasons for that.

  • Drill pipe failure

This is a very serious problem which is often faced during the drilling operation and this is usually due to improper transporting, storing or installing.

  • Borehole instability

This instability is often caused due to various geo-mechanical problems which may be connected with chemical or hydraulic factors.

  • Mud contamination

Often due to unwanted distortion in the property of the mud e.g. viscosity, density and filtration, mud contamination can take place.

  • Hole cleaning

If there is inadequate hole cleaning while drilling operation is in progress it can increase the cost of operation and also loss of productivity.

  • Drilling induced damages

Due to this damage, the permeability around the vicinity of the wellbore is affected which results in loss in productivity.

  • Hydrogen sulfide zones

Hydrogen sulfide during the drilling operation can create serious problem for both people working and also to the equipment used for drilling operation.

Post Author: Ellie Eric