How to Pick the Right Custom Product Packaging

The right custom product packaging can help in making a good product great. Also, it can provide your brand with the boost it deserves. Your product packaging is the first impression you will have on your customers and getting it wrong could be disastrous. Here are some tips to help you get your custom product packaging right:

Ensure the Packaging can Travel Well

The best product packaging can travel from one point to another with ease and minimal damage. Your packaging must have a killer design to get noticed. Also, you must concentrate on materials specifically designed for strength like Belley Canada corrugated cardboard. If your product is expected to sit on a retail shelf, put more effort into its outward display. Product packaging that stacks well will help minimize damage.

Choose the Right Packaging Material

It is important to treat your product with the same respect as you would yourself. The right packaging material will make a difference in how successful your product can reach your customer’s doors. When choosing the weight or thickness of your packaging material, think about what is best when you package your product. Here are your options:

  • Paperboard. This is coated with chipboard used to fold carton trays and sleeves. Because it is lightweight, it can deliver great printing results. Paperboard is best used for food, cosmetics, dairy, hardware items, pharmaceuticals, and retail products.
  • Corrugated. This board is composed of paperboard that has fluted medium paper laminated to it. This material is sturdy but flexible. Ideally, it is used for produce, heavy or fragile items, e-commerce packages, shipping boxes, and subscription boxes.

Pay Attention to the Size

Think about how you can be economical with the box dimensions and packaging design. You have the option to design two different sized packages that accommodate all sizes. Aside from saving money and time, this will ensure consistency throughout your products. But, some packaging trend is leaning to smaller and more convenient sizes, you must keep your product size in mind.

Understand your Target Audience

You can only appeal to your target customers if you understand whether they are a part of a niche or a mainstream market. Do your research before you finish the design and place your order. Perform some market research, determine your major demographic, and cater to the needs of your audience. This ensures your product will fly off the shelves faster than the product of your competitors.

Post Author: Ellie Eric