How to Evaluate Competition in the Laundry Industry

Just like with any business, a laundromat will face many competitors. There will be a handful, or even dozens, of laundry businesses in your community, and to gain as many customers as possible, you must stand out!

This doesn’t only mean investing in the best commercial laundry parts and equipment from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts, though. It also means evaluating the competition, which can help you understand any shortcomings in your business, which you can then take action on to win more customers.

Take a look at these tips:


  1. Where to Begin


You must always keep track of your competition, no matter how small or big you are in the industry. To maintain and grow a customer base, you must be better than the rest. The more you know about your competition, the better.

You’ll need to identify their strengths and how to capitalize on their weaknesses. When you will evaluate the competition, you must consider these factors:

  • Store location and operating hours
  • Customer service
  • Quality, quantity, and layout of equipment
  • The store’s ambiance and atmosphere
  • Facility’s cleanliness
  • The products and services offered and their costs
  • Any additional amenities such as WiFi, games, television, etc.
  • The payment process
  • Sales and discounts
  • Marketing Efforts
  • Staff

But how can you evaluate these factors? This is where tip #2 comes in handy.


  1. Visit the Locations


If possible, a great way to evaluate the competition is by visiting your competitors’ locations and avail their services. This might sound a bit awkward to do (and it sounds like spying), so you may want to ask your family, friends, or colleagues to visit at various times and receive feedback. You will be able to know what they’re doing to create better strategies.

Besides checking their locations, you will also want to check their online presence, evaluating their website, social media, and customer reviews.


  1. Be Proactive


If ever a new laundromat will open in your area or you’ve already done competitor analysis, don’t just call it a day or wait and see what happens to them. You must take action and be proactive!

Start by evaluating your business. Are your equipment and dexter laundry parts due for upgrades? Have any of your customers complained about your services or any aspects of the business on their reviews from Yelp, social media, or other platforms? Do you think it’s time to freshen up the facilities and make the store more welcoming with new paint or lighting? Do you need to extend the hours or boost the advertising budget?

These are some of the many things to think about to stand out against the competition. Strengthen the bond you have within the community and look into the competition’s business tactics, answering anything new with tricks up your sleeve. Through a proactive approach, you can stay as a popular laundromat people will go to despite the growing competition!

Wrapping It Up

Follow these tips and always keep your eyes and ears open to complete with laundromats successfully.

Post Author: Ellie Eric