Giving Your Restaurant Kitchen A Spring Clean In 2022

Although many restaurants and their kitchens have not seen much use over the last two years with the on-and-off lockdowns, you will still need to ensure you give them a thorough spring cleaning. Depending on the opening hours for your restaurant, it can be tricky to schedule a spring clean, but you can break the task into sections and tackle each job individually. Below are some tips to help you plan a spring cleaning of your kitchen and ensure it is done thoroughly and to a high standard.

Break It Down Into Individual Tasks

Having to clean everything in your kitchen can be daunting, but it is made less so if you break the job down into individual tasks. Modern kitchens are designed with cleaning in mind, with lots of tiled surfaces that are easy to clean and moveable equipment. You will want to start cleaning from the top down, so you need to look at dusting and cleaning the ceiling and walls of the kitchen. You can then look to clean the equipment and surfaces of the kitchen, and another task will be cleaning fridges and freezers, and then cleaning behind and underneath equipment and the floors. You will also need to clean all your pots and pans, and if these are aluminium, you will need to have a decent aluminium cleaner to get them spotless.

Planning Your Clean

When you have an idea of the task at hand and can roughly gauge how long each task will take, you can start planning when you will begin cleaning your kitchen. If your kitchen is open every day, it will be tough to get everything done in one go. As such, you will want to do the different tasks spread throughout the week to get everything done. You may need to offer your employees some overtime and have them come into work a couple of hours early over a few days so they can assist with the cleaning. You can offer them a hearty breakfast before they start work which will help to ensure they are ready to go and get your kitchen spotless.

Ensure You Are Prepared

Before you start your scheduled spring clean of your kitchen, you must ensure you have everything needed to make the job as easy as possible. It may be worth investing in new cleaning materials such as mops, buckets, sponges, rubber gloves, and anything else you will need to clean your kitchen. You can look at how you broke down the various cleaning tasks, work out what is likely to be required for each one, check what you already have and how much you have got, and order everything else you will need.

Getting Your Kitchen Spotless

The only other things you will need are smee lbw grease and a bit of hard work, and you will want to lead by example, roll your sleeves up and get stuck in cleaning yourself. Clean your kitchen methodically and pay attention to detail, and you will have your kitchen spotless in no time at all. You can click here to get some more tips on cleaning your kitchen and ensure that everything is sanitised and cleaned correctly.

Post Author: Ellie Eric