Five Tips when Choosing a Business Signage

Digital marketing makes up a big part of contemporary business marketing efforts; however, it is not everything. Brick and mortar stores need to have visual components that tie into the brand. Business signs indicate where your business’ location and are a powerful tool to grab the attention of bypasses and get your business noticed. But, it is important to pick the right sign for your business. Here are tips that can help you with this:

Think About your Aesthetic

If you want a sign that beats the cheap plastic open and closed signs used by many businesses, consider your aesthetic first. The sign must tie in with your brand’s visual component. Consider words that describe your business, beyond what you offer. Determine the emotions you want your customers to leave with. If you own a candy or gourmet shop and want to convey feelings of nostalgia, check your options at Magnify Signs a Denver sign company. A big wooden sign is ideal for a lumberjack-themed tavern that replicates its logo.


Work with a Skilled Custom Sign Maker

If you are not sure, leave the details to the professionals. Makers of custom signs are artists and craftsmen who have knowledge of how to take what you want and turn it into something amazing. A lot of modern sign makers have marketers, crafters, and design experts who work together to come up with a masterpiece.

Choose a Simple Sign

If your brand is known globally and does not require elaborate descriptions, you can opt for an abstract sign that offers just few information. But, if you have a small business that still needs recognition, you must keep your sign simple. Just ensure your sign is legible so people can read what you want to convey the moment they walk by. Prioritize simple colors that contrast, typography, and the facts.

Adhere to Regulations

Every place has different requirements in terms of signage. While some cities have limitations, others require applications and permits that you must keep up-to-date so you can display your sign. Research the requirements in your area before you invest in signage and keep permits updated to avoid regulatory issues.

Plan Where to Place the Signage

Aside from ensuring the sign fits with your business, you must consider how it will fit in the physical location while you adhere to regulatory restrictions. If your signage will sit on a sidewalk, choose a durable sign that can withstand the elements while being visible from all sides.

Post Author: Ellie Eric