Different Types Of Lines You Need To Paint On Your Car Park

When you are opening a new car park or renovating an existing one, there are various types of markings you will need to have in it. The markings on the car park can play a vital role in safety in your car park and help prevent accidents, making it a much safer place. Some people using the car park may need to be prioritised over others, and you can mark these spaces in your car park to distinguish them from others. Below are some different types of markings you may require on your car park to ensure it is functional and safe for people to use.

Disabled Parking

Disabled people using a car park often require more space to get in and out of their vehicle, so you need wider parking bays. Doing this will allow them to use wheelchairs and other devices safely and easily without worrying about bumping into a car. You must also ensure that only people with a blue badge use these spaces, and you may need to police this to enforce it.

Car Parking Bays

You will also require regular car park marking for the standard parking bays of your car park, which can help ensure that you can get the maximum number of vehicles in your car park. However, you need to ensure that they are wide enough to accommodate most vehicles and remember that cars have gotten much wider than they were 40 years ago. To ensure plenty of room in your car park for vehicles, make your parking bays between eight to nine feet wide, giving you plenty of room to park safely.

Parent & Child Bays

You may also need to provide specific parking for parents with children, which is common in car parks throughout the UK. These car parking spaces are often close to the disabled bays and close to the entrances of buildings, so they have less distance to travel. As with the disabled parking bays, you may also need to police these to ensure that people are not using them when they don’t have children.

Pedestrian Crossings

You must ensure that pedestrians can cross safely in your car park, and this will require you to paint pedestrian crossings in suitable locations in your car park. Painting black and white lines for the pedestrian crossings is something that everyone will recognise, so vehicles will stop when pedestrians want to cross.

Pedestrian Walkways

It may also be necessary to paint pedestrian walkways in your car park when there are no raised curbs. These can help define the area where it is safe for pedestrians to walk and can help prevent accidents from occurring. Ensure that your colour paint is bright and highly visible so that cars can easily see it and that your car park is well-lit.

These are some of the different markings you may need to have painted in your car park, and there are others, such as lines to make people stop and electric charging bays. Find a reputable company in your local area to paint your car park, and you can make it a much safer place for everyone.

Post Author: Ellie Eric