An Informative Guide To Know About Winch Cable

Not all winch cables are created equally. They come with varying load-bearing abilities, safety information, sizes, etc. Before you select a winch cable, it is important to gain good information about these cables in detail.

How to buy bulk winch cables?

People who want to purchase the bulk number of reuil of 3/8″, will need 7×19 galvanized WCS that is made up of EIPS, or IPS.

This is referred to as aircraft cable. It is called as winch rope, wire rope, or by its trade name “aircraft cable”. Payeur is one of the best manufacturers in Quebec Canada from where you can obtain a wide range of certified forestry equipment at the best price.

Minimum Breaking Strength vs. Working Load Limit

These are two important characteristics of a winch cable. Working Load Limit is the maximum amount of allowable weight that a winch cable can carry.

The amount of workload that your cable can withstand is determined by using a factor called MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength). The load that a winch cable can carry will be one-fifth of its minimum breaking strength.

Ways to prevent a winch cable from getting broken

Winch cable is prone to breaking if you load them with weight above their bearing capacity. Below are some of the ways by which you can prevent your cable from breaking:

Use Snatch blocks

Snatch blocks can effectively double the potential of the winch. It will double the strength of the rigging.  It is a versatile option than having a fat, and short winch cable.

Maintain winch cable

You need to keep your winch cable properly covered on the drum. Reel it in with at least 50 lbs to 100 lbs on the line. This will ensure that you wrap it clean, and neatly.

Lube your winch cable

Another thing that you will need to protect your winch cable from breaking is to lube it. Winch cable not just moves but also yields internal friction between the movement of the wires, and strands. for lubrication of the cable, you can use wheel grease or motor oil. This will help in trapping dirt from it.


Winch cable is one of the important forestry equipment. You can buy a new one from your winch maker firm, or purchase them in bulk and create your own. The above information will equip you with all the necessary information when buying the cable.

Post Author: Ellie Eric