A Comprehensive Guide To Filter Press Machine

A filter press machine is used to separate solids from liquids. A filter cloth typically captures the solids, and the liquids pass through the cloth. There are many different types of filter presses, but all share some common features. This guide will provide an overview of the different types of filter presses and how they work.

Types Of Filter Presses

There are three main types of filter presses: plate and frame, recessed chamber, and rotary drum. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Plate and frame: The most common type of filter press is the plate and frame press. It consists of a series of plates with filters attached to them. The plates are placed in a frame, and hydraulic pressure is used to squeeze the liquid out of the solids.
  • Recessed chamber: A recessed chamber filter press has a series of chambers that the plates fit into. The chambers are typically deeper than those in a plate and frame press, which allows for more filtering area. This type of filter press is often used for high-volume applications.
  • Rotary drum: A rotary drum filter press uses a rotating drum instead of plates. The drum has a series of slots that the filters attach to. This type of filter press is often used for high-viscosity liquids or sticky solids.

How Filter Presses Work?

All types of filter presses use the same basic principle: hydraulic pressure is used to push the liquid out of the solids. A pump typically provides this pressure. The liquid passes through the filter cloth and is collected in a tank or other container. The solids are left behind on the filter cloth and can be removed manually or with a scraper blade.


Filter presses are used in many different industries, including food processing, chemical manufacturing, and wastewater treatment. They are especially useful for separating liquids and solids with a high-volume ratio.

For example, in wastewater treatment plants, the sludge (solids) needs to be separated from the effluent (liquids) before being discharged into the environment. Filter presses are also used to make products such as edible oils, fruit juices, and wine.


Filter presses are an important part of many industrial processes. They are reliable, durable machines that can handle various applications. For example, if you need to separate liquids and solids, a filter press is a perfect solution. Thank you for reading our blog post on filter presses! We hope this information was helpful and informative.

Post Author: Ellie Eric