6 Ways Retailers are Using Augmented Reality to Improve the Customer Experience

When perceived practically, augmented reality has unlimited applicability in all the aspects of the real world. You can make the most of this very technology for the development of shopping applications, healthcare, education, sports, marketing, gaming, travel, entertainment and various other mobile applications as well.

Here are the ways retailers use on how to improve customer experience when using AR:

  1. Bring it home before you purchase it

The AR apps brings forth the in-store experience to the customers in the comfort of their own homes. The ar shopping apps for ecommerce allows the customers to visualize and image how your products will feel, look or fit in their own home, even without purchasing it.

  1. Visualize or Understand Products and Features

The augmented reality shopping apps let shoppers to stimulate animations to showcase how complicated products such as appliances or electronics work or operate. Augmented reality in online shopping can strut particular features, improve the understandings and offer accessible and timely data.

  1. Incorporating Augmented Reality into Your Product

Adidas has recently launched a line of sneakers that brought forth AR for customers at home. The sneakers can be utilized as a control back home that a customer can utilize for accessing the embedded code on the tongue and can redirect the customer to the virtual reality.

  1. Getting an edge over Competition and Building Brand Awareness

Nowadays almost every retailer embraces the out of the box approach when it comes to using AR for building buzz and brand awareness. For instance, a fashion brand named RIXO London let the customers have an at home experience with AR.

  1. Add the Ability of Modifying and Customizing

According to a research, 77 percent of the customers make the use of augmented reality technology to keep an eye on product diversities like change in color or style.

  1. Adding Personalization with Touch-and-Feel Factor

The 3D AR apps have also added touch and feel options for offering their clients with the best quality 3D holograms. And around 40 percent of shoppers prefer to pay more for an item if they can have an AR view of the product first. AR for ecommerce is letting retailers to provide more personal and interactive experience that will transform the way of shopping for eternity. A futuristic approach and omnichannel retail experience mainly depends on augmented reality companies which add more values to the customer experience on mobile platforms and driving in store traffic.

Post Author: Ellie Eric